With my 15+ years of entrepreneurial experience, I can help you to launch your startup from scratch

A journey from entrepreneurship to startup consulting

Being a startup business you will pass through various stages e.g. Ideation, Conception, Product Development, Brand management, & Market Launch. I am here to solve your problems at each stages with best of the knowledge I earned after experiencing success and failures, my skills in IT industry.

For any process, I built my own hypothesis, theories & strategies based on Traditions & Innovations. It’s an adaptation of traditional Indian methods of starting a new business with innovations in modern era. It help startup to work around only 2 metrics:

  • Define clear objectives
  • Measure the key results


I come from a family doing business for more than 100+ years in India & abroad. With me you may not get a Harvard like strategy but you will get sincere advice based upon generation old traditional Indian strategies, ancestral values mixed with modern theories of doing a business.

  • I will share the stories about strategies, values & processes that is passed from one generation to another. As well as what I learnt from my mentors, customers & market.
  • You will learn from my practical business knowledge mixed with tradition, emotions & modern methods of doing business. This will be a great help for refining and validating your startup Ideas.

A journey of consistent customer experience

It all started after I completed my studies & got a chance to work with Asia’s 2nd largest engineering unit in India. I spent about a year in engineering, foundry & forging division to learn how process work and later on moved to export benefit cell based on my education background, that is graduation in commerce stream & diplomas in International Trade & Marketing.

Work Experience:

My first exposure with computers in 90’s when I met a senior IT strategist of India’s leading company CMC Ltd. He was my first mentor who transformed my thought process & guided me about role of information technology in modernization of industries.

Later the vision guided by him helped me to become a co founder of a IT company in late 90’s that developed probably the first call billing software for AT & T, A telecom company in America. My total association with company was 16 years that helped to learn everything about IT technologies.

  • 15+ Years of practical working, served 300+ clients ranging from Fortune 500 to SME’s. Apart from AT & T, we worked for Verizon top distributors & companies like AAII, Myron to name a few.
  • Conceptualized & developed a total of 8 innovative products, out of which two were not successful. There are 2 unique products are in development stage now.
  • Founder of VA4Business in 2003 that redefined the term Virtual Assistance. It went viral because instead of offering then traditional secretarial services, I connected a service where tech entrepreneurs in India work as a Virtual Assistant together with US/UK based startups & SME’s.

If you ask how I see a startup business, my principles are built around to only 3 categories:

  • Successful startups: They share stories that inspire us
  • Unsuccessful Startups: They teach us about the possible risk factors
  • Turnaround startups: They started; they failed and become successful again. Most inspiring…

And finally if you ask me how I measure business success, I use only 2 metrics:

  • Profits: Sub categorizing to Greedy Profits or Healthy Profits. I mix emotions with business and unlike multinational gurus; you will get strategies built around gaining healthy profits only.
  • & Loss: As a human being like you, whenever I bear a loss, it hurts and depressing. On the other side I gain a strategy that will help me minimize the same in near future